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Mountain Dulcimer: “Aura Lee” an Easy Jamming Tune!

6 October 2010 No Comment

by Lee ”Drew” Andrews


Mountain dulcimer players love to play together and with other instruments in “jam sessions.” This takes some individual practice at home before you join in the jamming. It’s always easier to learn a piece of music if you have heard it before. Here’s an easy tune that might sound familiar to your ears if you remember Elvis Presley’s “Love Me Tender.” That hit song was written to the traditional melody of this old Civil War tune, “Aura Lee,” presented below. People usually play it in the key of G major. To get to that key you use the “DGD” tuning:

  • The dulcimer’s bass string is tuned to D below middle c.
  • The middle string is tuned to the note G that is 4 notes higher than the D on the bass string.
  • You may have 1 or 2 “melody” strings closest to you, tuned to D an octave above the  D on your bass string. The tuning is called “DGD.”

DGD tuning is close to the currently-popular DAD tuning. (The middle string is just tuned one note lower.) In DGD tuning your G major scale starts on the melody string (sometimes 2 strings close together and tuned alike to D) at the 3rd fret. Then you play up to the 10th fret, omitting the 6-1/2 fret note. 

Listen to the simple melody of “Aura Lee.” It has the simple melody picked on the dulcimer’s melody string(s), along with some guitar accompaniment:

 Aura Lee.mp3 

Here is the tablature for “Aura Lee” in DGD tuning. You can either pick the notes on the melody string(s), as in the recording, or strum across all strings. After you feel comfortable playing it, try playing along with the above sound file.

Printable Version


After you have played along with the above sound file, it’s your turn to play melody (‘lead’) with your dulcimer while the guitar plays chords behind you! Try this with the following sound file. Practice and enjoy!

Aura Lee-Backup.mp3 

Here is the first verse of this traditional song for additional help learning the melody. More verses can be found on the internet.

As the blackbird in the spring, ‘neath the willow tree,

Sat and piped, I heard him sing; sing of Aura Lee.

                Aura Lee, Aura Lee, maid of golden hair.

                Sunshine came along with thee, and swallows in the air.


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About the Author


Lee “Drew” Andrews began playing guitar at age 14. His first years of college were spent studying Physics. When he found himself skipping many of his core classes in order to spend more time playing guitar, he decided it may be better to change majors.

Drew then studied Guitar Performance at Utah State University, where he also minored in Technical and Professional Writing. In 2002 he took a position with Mel Bay Publications as a guitar editor and since has authored several best selling publications.

Photo Credit: Gary W. Davis

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